Transmitting funds with BTC to vendor. Stuck at 5 confirmations

Pretty much what the title says: A BTC transaction from yesterday is “stuck” at 5 confirmations.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?


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I’ve had this issue a couple of times and used Discord to chat with the wallet org. They were helpful and solved the problem

I heard that the Gas Fees change and you didn’t send enough to complete the transaction or others in the same block have to complete their transaction before yours will complete.

Cure: Send yourself some BTC paying a higher fee. You set this in the send transaction. For some reason it clears the issue. Search articles dealing with gas fees and stuck transactions

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Dollyshunk, there are no Gas fee’s in BTC !
In bitcoin you set your own fee. If the fee is low and doesn’t get the transaction into the next block, your transaction gets pushed to the Mempool. If the network has more transaction than space available, it can take a few hours. In newer wallets you can later change the fee you want to spend to speed up the inclusion into a block. But you don’t have too. The maximum waiting time is (worst case scenario) 14 days (its a mathematical emptying of the Mempool every 14 days). No matter how high or low you set your fee, it will get eventually included into one block !
Once it is in one block however, the only reason to get only 5 confirmations is a ‘Fork’. explains the low fee issue explains temporary forks
hope that helps
You don’t have to do anything ! Your transaction will eventually get included and validated ! Worst case scenario is 14 days !
If you want to speed it up, you can for a short period of time increase your fee. Once it is in a block though, there is nothing you can do anyway. If your wallet doesn’t do the fee increase, find a better wallet.
I would just wait, unless its critical to you.
I don’t understand though why your vendor has an issue with only 5 confirmations ? I would sell my house and wait for a max of 3 confirmations ! If its in 3 blocks, the chances of being a fake transaction is astronomically low ! If your vendor uses an exchange and they require more than 5 confirmations, then please find another vendor ! This is ridiculous ! It shows me, that they know nothing about bitcoin !

I suspect, that they use a service ‘like’ coinbase, who is using an off-chain validation process ! This is against anything bitcoin stands for !


Quick question: If 14 days have passed, will the BTC be assigned to the receiver address (since it has been confirmed five times) or will the BTC be returned to the transmitting wallet?

Returned to transmitting wallet if rejected by network. Never read the full thing sorry, usually only needs 3 confirmations in my experience. Any more info ie which type of vendor?

can you please post the TX_ID (Transaction ID) ?
The moment it is confirmed the 1st time, it was included into a block. From then on every,10 minutes, it should get included into the next block. 5 confirmations means it was included into 5 successive blocks !
Every 10 more minutes it will get included into the next block automatically.
The only two exceptions are

  • a temporary fork (which then got orphaned), in this case it will get returned into the Mempool or it is included into the winning fork
  • the exchange is using an off-chain validation process, in this case all bets are off, since this is against the principles of bitcoin

There is NO way in bitcoin for the transaction to just stop at 5 confirmations ! If it was in an orphaned block and did not get included into the winning fork, the number of confirmations should get back to 0 (unconfirmed) ! Getting stuck at 5 confirmations is IMPOSSIBLE in Bitcoin.

hope that helps

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I think this is the TX_ID:


Address Sent to: 1KaKa6FDPREuCsZ9HSKCHXmawqesdAx4ve

I take it the problem has been resolved as that txid has 1166 confirmations.

The first thing I would now do is find a better wallet ! Go to and 'Select Wallet" then you go through the list of options you want to have included in your wallet. At the end it will give you a list, based on your desire. You can import your existing wallet into the new one (without having to send and pay a fee).
I’m glad it worked out though.

Thanks for the tips and information. However, it became apparent that I had scammed. So. a little wiser and my wallet is a bit lighter.

Hold on, don’t give up yet.

  1. the transaction is confirmed (if the TX_ID you provided is correct)
  2. if you like to share the vendor (who clearly got the money) there may be some other legal ways to pressure him to send whatever you ordered

I’d like to know what happened (please don’t share specifics) just a general history of events.
I would at least like to know the vendor !

I have a wallet called Electrum. You can send your BTC to an intermediary to prove you have the money). But the intermediary is not releasing the funds to the vendor, unless you confirm, you received your items. It’s called a segwit (a second signature is required to release funds).

If any vendor in the future sends you his wallet address, check on If the price of the item is high, but his transactions are low, you can get a feel, whether or not he’s legit. It’s not 100% guaranty, but its a clue.

I really hate to see ppl getting scammed !

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