Tripplite PDU amperage

Hey, I’m looking at the tripplite PDUs and I’ve seen that it says it has a 20A max per breakered outlet bank.

For reference I’m looking at tripplite part number:

Does this mean if I plug two 10A plugs (for antminer s19) into that bank, it has a high risk of tripping?

Or am I thinking of the 80% rule wrong?

Thank you! Everyone is so helpful here

The max amps is 24amps as it is a 30amp pdu. The 20amp is in reference to pdu port meaning it has a max of 20amps on a port. So running two ports at 10amps is perfectly safe.

Ok thank you! So it seems that the pdus will have a lot of wasted plugs if you plug in the s19s since one will pull 20A and the max for the PDU is 24A.

Are there any alternatives or would this be the best course of action for Bitcoin mining?

at 3250W will be 13.5amps using 240v so on a 30amp pdu you can run 2 s19’s. PDU’s are designed for servers and running multiple desktops hence why they have alot of plugs

Ok cool! Thank you, and just making sure, it would be one S19 per pdu, so if I want to have 10 S19s, I would need 10 PDUs.
If I was planning on scaling up to that number or more, would it be more cost effective to look at a different option such as having it hard wired by an electrician or is this just the better option since it has the surge protection along with it?

Thank you!

You could run 2 s19 per PDU

Even though they have two C13 plugs for 10A?
Wouldn’t that be 20A per miner?

Safely you can only run 1 on each pdu… always follow the 80% rule… 30amp pdu should only run 24amp of constant power max.
Miners are 13.5amps each. So 2x is 27amps. I personally wouldn’t do that if I were you

What you need to do is get real word data for each miner run each one and see what your amps watts etc are. All data i used was from bitmain so those numbers could be high or lower. You may be able to lower the frequency to a point where you can run 2 att the 80% on one PDU.