Trustworthy companies to buy miners from

I’m new to all of this and I am wondering which companies everyone has used to buy asic miners. I’m hesitant to send thousands of dollars in bitcoin to someone and hope the new miner arrives. I’m open to all companies here in the US and overseas. All help is appreciated. I’m looking for L7 and KA3.
Thank you

I bought some mini-doge miners direct from Goldshell, some used ltc and btc miners from another btc S9 I bought cheap from ebay. (risky) All my miners would lose money and not be worth running, except I have solar panels and free texas power at night. lol

Personally, I would go with anyone that takes credit card. That way you have fraud protection.

Viperatech and belay mining accept credit card

Justin with BadgerlandCrypto is also good. He’s active here on the forum and he’s local here in the US. Had a good buying experience w him

You can contact We are currently pre-sale KA3.
Best Asic Miner for sale | Zeus Mining

I agree with this. Them accepting credit cards is a good indicator that they aren’t fraudulent. I haven’t ordered from anyone yet but when I do it will most likely be through viperatech because they also offer sales through amazon pay which also is a way of protecting yourself.

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I’ve bought from @cryptominernv (dessert valley asics) before. Compass mining takes credit cards if that is a requirement for you. I don’t recommend hosting with compass but purchasing asics from them is okay.

Apexto is ok, prices are 5% up or down from competition … Ann is here on Voskcoin… But if you can buy from manufactures…

Bought my L7 thru Print Crypto. Gavin was great to work with.

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Thank you all for your thoughts on this. I have looked into everyone you suggested. I’m not sure which way I will go. I will keep everyone posted.

With that said, I’m now curious about anyone who has bought a machine from a company in China or in Europe and paid with BTC or USDC etc.

There are a couple companies I have looked into so far.

  1. Charlie Lin from YouTube
  2. Global Solutions

Or Coin Mining Central?

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my last purchase was from Apexto , payed in USDT , shiped from China to Serbia… no problems…

+1 to Print Crypto. I bought 2 S19j Pro 104s and was thoroughly impressed each time. 10/10.

There are few things to look before buying.

Try avoiding personal sales, bank transfers or crypto payments if you are not 100% its legit.
Best bet is credit card or PayPal payments.

Official websites such as Goldshell etc are the best but obviously stock is low and its hard to get your hands on miner, and if for some reason its available, you have to pay in crypto which for some could be pain.

I bought 4 miners from and paid with credit card and PayPal on separate occasions, miners were delivered within 10 days on average and i did not pay taxes due to low value declaration on package, i think its also a bonus. With my 3rd purchase i received £800 discount, so make sure to get in touch with them directly.

On another note, not many miners are profitable nowadays, so do your own research before purchase.

So sells second-hand miners. If the old miners are running good, what will be the risk, as you mentioned purchasing from eBay. I am thinking of setting up a mining machine by myself. Solar panel may be a good idea for areas like Florida…

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I purchased thee sets, three different purchases totaling 16 units of ASIC’s from China in the past couple of months. Last buy was some M50’s 118’s for $17/th plus $215 shipping (China to USA). Total cost. Way less money that any NorthAmerica supplier. I did spend a lot of time communicating and video chatting and looking on video at their offices and warehouse, settling on two vendors each which I bought from. I saved many thousands. I wired the payment, had the units in a week. Now I know that these slick local suppliers are hosing us, even if they paid only what I did.


I know what you mean. These are the prices I get my miner for. Also they only change 230 dollars in shipping and no duty.

I know and trust DJ Miner, they are honest and reliable.

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