Trying different mini miners

@VoskCoin I was wondering if you have ever looked into mining LBRY. Goldshell (LB1) has a new desktop miner coming out for this algo and I found that Baikal already has a couple of small reasonably priced ASICs for it in the BK-D and BK-B. When I looked on it looks like they $5.81 and $2.85 worth of LBRY per day. Just looking to see if you have looked into this yet or not.


I ordered a BK-B. It’s affordable enough for me to try. I also have an LB-1 on the way.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Could be a scam. But @ $125 it’s not the worst thing.

Where did you end up getting the LB-1 from? The only place I found it was coinminingcentral at like 1400.

I ordered one on the Goldshell site for $899. They say they’re releasing inventory at 8AM CST each day per their twitter. I had already puchased an HS1+ from them so they had sent me a pre-release e-mail to order them, but still took me a few days of looking at it around 8AM to find it in stock.

They’re getting hammered by bots because of the LB1 and CK5 announcement today. Hopefully they’ll get some bot control measures in place.

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Thank you for the info. I will try and start keeping an eye out.

Got the LB!

Have you heard anything back from Baikal about the BK-B yet? I ordered one 6 days ago and have heard nothing and not received any shipping info yet.