Trying to donate to your project at Gitcoin but the Checkout glitched my transaction

Hi VoskCoin,

I watched your video on YouTube Crypto Investors are GETTING RICH?? DeFi and Token Airdrops?! where you invited viewers to donate to your project on Gitcoin, but when I got to the checkout stage it glitched my transaction and it’s now 1/2 finished.

I tried the zkSync checkout but the fees were about $20 because you have to pay a one-time $5 account set-up fee on zkSync, plus the gas and transaction fees converting your Eth to wEth.

I then used the regular checkout option, it took the $9+ Eth for gas fees, but didn’t take the Dai in the same wallet, so now I am stuck with a 1/2 completed transaction with my Eth locked in a smart contract that I can’t escape from, and you and other projects don’t get a contribution.

How can I complete the transaction? Could you please post a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the check out process properly on Gitcoin Grants using Wallet Connect, with Dai and Eth in the same wallet?

Thank you, I love the idea of getting airdropped Eth and other coins for contributing, but it just seems that using Eth will be way to expensive because of the high gas fees right now, that’s why I thought using Dai would be cheaper, but it seems like you have to use Eth only to make the transaction work.

I just think other viewers will get stuck like I did and it’s really frustrating, hope this helps you to make it clearer and easier for your viewers to donate and hopefully get some airdrops for it.


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