Trying to figure all of this out. Help is greatly appreciated

I am new to mining and tryin to catch up quickly. I plan to turn an old PC into a GPU rig so that i can play around and familiarize myself with the language and methods. I’ve researched a lot but I can only get so far without hands on. My question is would this card make for a good entry level miner like myself?
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 Graphics Card - Steel and Black

I read somewhere that these card’s hash rate is halved by Nvidia. is that true? Is there a way around it.

Any tips, questions and/or commnents are welcome. Thank you in advance.

If you mine eth, drop power consumption to around 60% ramp up mem clock, and drop core clock change mem clock and core clock in increments and let sit for a few minutes to allow settings to take place, you’ll see your hash rate slowly rise and keep doing this until it rises so much and then the hash rate starts to drop off and then slowly dial back your clock settings in smaller increments until you hit peak efficiency.

here are my setings for my 2x 1660 TI gaming x

Power limit 60%
Core clock -430
Mem clock 1147

I use MSI Afterburner for my Nvidia gpu’s, try applying this method that I used, now your numbers will be different because your gpu is a completely different animal than mine, but the same method should still yeild a positive result.

Thank you. will try try these out.