Trying to figure out how to Migrate from xmrig to the nanopool miner

New to mining. For months I have been mining Monero with xmrig, and now I have a little bit better GPU in my main desktop PC so I wanted to add that to the same pool (nanopool) to acelerate the payout. I also want to set the minimum payout to retreive my earnings before switching pools or whatever. But to do that I have to use Nanominer. I have no idea how to add the email address line to xmrig which would allow me to change my minimum payout unless I start using nanominer. I have been looking for this solution for a while now and nobody has one.

So Is anyone aware of how to do this without a hitch because whenever i start Nanominer, it defaults to ETH mining even though I have set it to the monero pool and my wallet from xmrig. I am completely confused about this and the tech support from Nanopool is slow or may even be playing stupid with me. I just want to migrate all my settings from xmrig config.json over to Nanominer, add in the GPU and have it actually mine monero. I refuse to just lose all the earnings to find a better platform or pool. At the current payout setting it would take me a year to get the minimum payout. If I can change that to a lower setting it would be immediate payout.

Monero is not mined with a GPU but rather with your CPU>
Nanominer defaults to Ethereum mining but as long as you use the config_xmr.ini file on your startup it will mine Monero only.
So having a better GPU will not improve your Monero hash rate.
I find nanominer slower than XMRig but have not been able to get XMRig configured properly to register with Nanopool.
I found Moneroocean to be a good pool for Monero Mining with low payout threshhold and low fee.
I am looking to recompile XMRIG to remove the dev fee as profits are so small I do not want any additonal losses. My work their pay, also nanominer has a 2% dev fee for their rig. One of the highest fees and a very high payout at a minimum of .11 so about a year before a payout for me.
Unfortunately the website has been blocked by my ISP here in Australia. Also finding the ISP and Australia are doing more and more blocking of anything to do with Monero.