Trying to find a trusted website for Goldshell Mini Doge to buy from

Hello all,

Im trying to purchase my first miner and have come across lots of posts that warn you about scams. Is there any recommendations of a website that currently has a Goldshell Mini doge thats in stock and can possibly be purchased with a credit card or paypal.

Thanks in advance

Just buy it from goldshell and use crypto. They won’t scam. Everywhere else you will pay higher price

Open a coinbase account and transfer money from your bank checking or savings into USDC. You can also purchase crypto using a credit card, but why pay credit card interest on something that makes about a buck a day? goldshell miner – professional miner maker It may take 10 days or so before coinbase will allow you to make a purchase. They are $700 without a PSU right now, but have extra money in the account to pay for the transaction. Like cryptominernv said, don’t overpay elsewhere.

Well I actually get 2% cash back rewards on my cc but more importantly I read that it’s safer to use one. I’m currently on binance but still learning what crypto to buy and have never purchased anything with crypto so I’m just trying to learn how things work.

Thanks for the advice