Trying to mine Raven coin lite and get error message on TeamRedMiner


I have a Radeon R7 200 graphics card and am trying to mine Raven coin lite using TeamRedMiner
When I run the .bat file I instantly get an error message that reads

I can run Vertihash-ocm and mine doges but get paid in any currency. when i select raven coin it tells me I mine about 5 coins per day.
I want to be able to mine raven coin lite so I can hold the coin.

Also once I get enough regular raven coin and convert it back in fiat money then I will upgrade to a 1080Ti GPU but first I have to get this card working.

I used to work in IT support so feel free to fire questions my way and I be happy to help out.

change your bat file and correct the algo type. RVL is using the ‘x16r’ algo (not x16rv2 in your bat file).
also the port number for RVL on minersmine should be 3981 !

here is a sample bat for minersmine (you need to change wallet and rig id)

-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u Wallet.rig -p c=RVL

hope that helps

Here’s a step by step guide how to mine RVL

below the video is a sample bat file for TeamRed miner