Trying to order Bobcat 300

Loaded my new coinbase account with enough to make purchase, go thru process, choose USDC Wallet with more than enough balance for purchase, but when confirmation number is entered I get a message that I have 0.00 USDC available. Confused, any help?

It may need more block confirmations for the funds to be in the account to trade.

Thanks, I have no idea what you mean tho, lol. New to this. When the window comes up to select Cryptocurrency, my only option is USDC Wallet that shows more than enough balance to make the purchase. I added thru paypal and the balance shows to be available. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Not really enough options tho for me to see doing something wrong.

I even have email confirmation that the balance is available to trade on Coinbase

The funds in Coinbase may no be available yet, they let you use the balance to trade on their platform but you have to wait a few days to send it out, check the details on the USDC purchase.

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Thanks Jimbo

I guess I misunderstood Vosckoin’s last vid, I thought the Bobcat 300 was in stock. Took another look and that does not appear the be the case. I saw somewhere where the MNTD may be in stock very soon. Might try for one of those. Anyone have any experience with them?

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Yea if you follow Bobcat on Twitter you’ll see they are running about a 6 month backlog. There latest batch was just shipped 4 days ago for orders on June 13th. They say 20 weeks but it’s more like 25.

6 months seems very optimistic at this point. They probably should stop taking orders.

You know they are running so far behind, there is a FAQ on what happens if I moved before my Bobcat arrives.

possibly 7 day waiting time on $$?