Trying to withdraw my KDA from X wallet to Kucoin but it is saying "Network error" Any help?

Been using Xwallet to build up my KDA, but I’m trying to take some out, transfer over to my Kucoin …
But every time i do this, i get Network Error…
That Xwallet does have some settings on there…like Gas Limit, Gas Fees…maybe I’m doing it wrong??
I have no other issues with my KDA going into Kucoin from other places, But Xwallet…won’t let me remove it at all…
Please help or get me some advice if you have used Xwallet??

Did you try changing the proxy server? Try that first, if that doesn’t help, pick the fast option for .0066 KDA which comes out to basically a nickel for fast withdraw. Restart your phone or computer. If not those 3 then I’m at a loss at the moment. Good luck to you!!

Thanks for the reply…i will try those options…
I already reached out to Kadena…but no response back at all…

No problem gennaro✌🏼 Good luck

Hello gennaro
I have same problem as you now .If you solve it, please tell me

Hi ! Wondering if you have solved tge problem as I keep getting “Network Error” and “Teansaction Failed” in tryingbto send kda from C Walket to Kucoin or Binance. No problem when sending kda fr Kucoin to X Wallet. Really loise confidence in kda and X Wallet.


Hello Friend. I have resources to help explain the issue. I’ll give it a run down also.

The issue comes down to Chain 0-20 . Certain wallets and exchanges only use certain Chain #'s, some only do out and in on specific chain #'s. If you go the Kadena link I provided, they have details for each wallet/exchange telling the Chain #'s they use. That is your exact issue. I’ve seen and chatted this too many times.

In the past, if you sent to a wrong chain, you lost the crypto. Being rejected is actually an improvement to the blockchain to try to stop users/holders from losing funds in void transactions.

EDIT: to add, KDA Chains , are Kadena specific. It’s the way they made their network. This chains issue does not apply to other network tokens. (maybe it does, but not generally said)

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