Trying to wrap my head around Helium

Anticipating the Nov 16th inventory of MNTD miners, I’m trying to wrap my head around the network itself and where is a good/profitable location (not referring to what window or where in the attic…) to have a miner. Am I wrong to think that you really need to be in a fairly densely populated area with other hotspots near you for your hotspot to be profitable? That being the first person to have a hotspot, say in an 8 mile radius, is gonna suck? From what I have tried to learn, it seems the profit is in the areas of good coverage without being overly covered. If anyone has a better grasp on this than I do, and doesn’t mind sharing their knowledge, It would be greatly appreciated.

you have enough understanding in what you wrote.

However, it is also something that if you are in for the long haul of building the network, take a wait and see what happens… then kick yourself for not taking a shot at laughing gas. ( Helium )

moochas grassy ass (thank you)

If you can spare the money it wouldnt hurt to get one so you at least have it. Set it up to see what you get, then upgrade your antenna after trying the stock one out for more distance. Worst case I’m sure you can find someone to buy it off you.