Turning an Abandoned Navy Shipyard Building into a BITCOIN Mining Farm

He turned an old, abandoned, and severely rundown Navy shipyard building into a Bitcoin mining farm! A Bitcoin mining farm unlike any other, let’s learn Brett Garman’s BTC mining journey! Subscribe to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

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VoskCoin Mining Farm Tour “Deeper in the mines” Season 1 Episode 4 featuring Brett Garman of the Block Yard and the abandoned Navy shipyard building in Charleston, South Carolina that he turned into a Bitcoin and Ethereum mining farm! Watch the full playlist here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4dnwHTjcf-8SXMDAoL7-XFkV6b4XUH3j

Building a Bitcoin mining farm is not easy, but turning an abandoned Navy shipyard building into a Bitcoin mining farm is insane! Brett Garman along with some friends and family found a cheap electric rate and half a megawatt of readily available electric power in this old Navy building and decided to build their own Bitcoin mining farm there! Bitcoin mining is more profitable than ever before, but building and then operating a Bitcoin mining farm is no simple task! Bitcoin is the primary coin mined here, but Ethereum and Zcash are also mined in this mining farm.

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 He Turned an Abandoned Navy Shipyard Building into a BITCOIN Mining Farm
01:06 Get $25 for FREE with the CryptoCom app
01:32 How he started Bitcoin mining and finding the abandoned Navy shipyard
03:44 Importance of airflow in a Bitcoin mine
05:36 Navy shipyard building Bitcoin mining farm
06:30 Electricity and power supply for Bitcoin mining
06:52 Compass a Bitcoin mining marketplace
07:17 Bitcoin farm hot isle & fans for crypto mining farm exhaust
08:49 ASICs and GPU miners rig tour
10:57 How airflow affects the mining rigs in a mining farm
11:58 Inside the heart of the mining farm
15:23 How to prevent humidity in a Bitcoin Mining Farm
16:44 How many crypto miners and what are you mining?
17:56 What was his first crypto mining rig?
19:49 Internet speed needed for a Bitcoin mining farm
21:00 Problems with setting up the mine
22:09 Power backups & transformers for the mine
23:34 What was the biggest challenge building a BTC mining farm?
25:13 Can anyone set up a Bitcoin mine? Tips for beginners
26:11 How can you learn about mining Bitcoin and crypto?
26:43 ASIC miner mining rig network tips
28:21 Thank you to the Blockyard & our sponsors

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This mining farm tour video was filmed prior to people generally wearing masks due to the current state of the world.

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Drew Vosk and Brett Garman at the Blockyard Mining farm