Turning some of My Mining Rigs OFF

I am turning some of my mining rigs OFF because mining profitability is in the DUMPS for a lot of different cryptocurrencies. Without Ethereum so many coins other than ETH are not worth mining anymore, wasting electricity and not mining many coins… Sub! http://voskco.in/Sub

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GPU mining has completely died - you now lose money mining with GPUs, rather than making passive income! The main coin that everybody looked to after Ethereum mining ended was Ethereum Classic ETC. But looking at the real world mining profitability numbers, it becomes clear that ETC is not the savior everyone thought it’d be. With many dedicated ETC miners, what is the future of this coin and mining ecosystem? Let’s answer the overarching question everyone wants to know - is Ethereum Classic worth mining?!

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00:00 Ethereum Classic mining is not worth it
02:01 ETC is Hoskinson’s Trojan horse?
03:06 What I’m doing with my ETC miners
04:20 You lose money mining with GPUs now
05:53 Profitable ETC miners
07:48 Is Ethereum Classic worth mining?
10:17 Is cryptocurrency mining worth it?

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Turning some of My Mining Rigs OFF

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