Two new Goldshell Mini Doge cannot setup

I have two new mini Doge. Already have two running. When I power up new ones. They are assigned IP by router. Advanced IP sees them with th their IP addresses. But will not connect via HTML. Can’t even ping IP address through CMD prompt. Both new miners are doing this. What am I missing?

Try clicking the reset button with a needle or a safety pin for 10 seconds on both miners and then wait a minute to connect them, and see if that solves the problem.

No dice. Same problem

How are you connecting them? Is it with “extender” or a network switch directly to your existing modem or router? Seems like most of the “issues” reported here on forum are either Firmware or Network Hardware related. So, in your case I would start by troubleshooting network setup in general. Maybe even disconnect everything else and only connect “troubled” miners one-by-one to see if there’s any difference…

Plugging directly into router. Router is assigning IP addresses and devices are showing in Advanced IP scanner. You just cannot connect to them, ping the IP addresses, etc. definitely not network issue. Already have two running perfectly, connected to same router.

Have you checked on the router dashboard to confirm the correct ip addresses? What is advanced ip scanner? Is that an app?

Any resolution to this issue?
I just got my mini-doge today
it shows up on the findgoldshell site, shows up on Yotta BC.
when I attempt to access the admin page I get a time out.
have a solid green power, and flashing blue network light.

beside of some firmware issues with the minidoge I discovered that my old network switch caused some connecting issues. bought a new one and all is running stable since.

Has the problem been rectified yet? I’m having issues with the last batch of HS-Boxes.