Two wallets for Doge and LTC?

Just got my Goldshell Mini Doge up and running. Question, I’m putting my LTC into my BlockFi account, but obviously, BlockFi does not take Doge. I’m running F2pool just to get started at the moment and then was going to switch over to litecoinpool after I got a handle on things.

My main question is can I mine LTC into my BlockFi through F2pool and then deposit Doge into another wallet at the same time? Or do I need to open something like a account to deposit both in the same wallet?

I would stay away from exchanges if I where you, I mine directly into my hardware wallet.

I use Exodus wallet it is software based you hold the private keys you can get it for desktop and Android. It is a multi coin wallet btc,ltc, doge and many more.

I used the Ellipal Titan Hardware Wallet, which allows me to cold stake Cardano, Cosmos, Tezos, Polkadot, and Kusama.

I can also Mine BTC, ELA, LTC, and DOGE to my wallet as well, all on a cold storage offline airgap environment.

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No one answered your question. Yes, you can mine your litecoin into one account and the doge into another. You are mining to an address - F2Pool doesn’t know (nor does it need to know) if both addresses are at the same place (BlockFI) or different places.

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If they did kda and lbc I would sign up in a second. Would love to have one place to hold, exchange and send.

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(chuckles)…That’s what I was wondering! I’ll shoot my doge to somewhere while my ltc goes to BlockFi. Why store something in a cold wallet when you can make interest on what you are mining?

Only be willing to keep your crypto on an exchange/defi if you can afford to lose it. Yes your going to make interest on it. But ask all the users on all the exchanges that have been hacked who lost everything. I mine to my wallets then put aside a little for investments.