Ukraine is now in Favour of crypto currency and crypto mining

The Ukrainian government has recently made it legal and easier (nothing is easy to do in the Ukraine) to operate a crypto currency business, whether it is mining or and exchange. I hope to educate the Ukrainian government on the metaverse in hopes of turning Lviv Ukraine into a Metaverse city.

I am an American disabled veterans who can to the Ukraine for the low cost of living, terrific and beautiful woman and the great food. Would love to meet people interested in promoting the Metaverse here and [possibly find a way to partner with USA miners to take advantage of the very low electricity costs.

Ukraine legalizes bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (

Ukraine Government To Convert Nuclear Power Plant Into Mining Data Centre - Bitcoin Maximalist


What is the typical power rate in Ukraine?

I pay .017 cents usd

In fact, my apartment bill has been so low, my landlord has not charged me electricity for the last 3 months.

Update. My info is a little out of date. Electricity has double to about .036 usd Kw/hr