Umbrel, LTC, and the Lightning Network

I recently setup a full node using Umbrel and have started learning about the Lightning Network integrated with Umbrel. The research I have done clearly states that using LTC versus BTC on the Lightning is no problem at all since LTC was forked off BTC and is interoperable. However, I have had zero luck finding any videos or tutorials on using LTC with the Lightning Network. The app store on Umbrel is chocked full of BTC apps but nothing about LTC. Can someone direct me to tutorial on using LTC with the Lightning Network?

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That’s a google search result for GitHub. I’m rather sure the answer you want is on GitHub. The tech you reference is beyond my knowledge. The link appears to be the info you’re looking for. “how to set up LTC lighting network on windows”. (ands MAC) .

I notice this GitHub page is built on top of LTC core. I do not see “Umbrel” in the text. Hopefully the info is similar enough to help you.

Thanks @Kadiyania ! This looks like enough to get me going for sure!

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