Unable to mine with GPU and CPU at same time

Hello all,

I have 6 Radeon VII going and all is well, however, the moment I turn on CPU mining for my Ryzen 5 3600, all hashrates drop to almost zero. Anyone else noticing this? the entire reason I bought the 3600 was because it actually mines at a profit. Anyone know if it is because the processors have built in Radeon graphics? sorta frustrating.

Because of this, for my 6x RX 5500 xt rig I went with a Ryzen 3 3200.

Still, would love to get the most out of my rig. Any advice or thoughts?

What operating system?

im using Windows 10

The cpu will mine on its own, the gpus on their own, but when together the cpu ramps up and kills the gpus.

It sounds like you do not have the CPU disabled on the miner you are using for the GPU so when the miner for the GPU kicks on it tries to run 2 miners on the same CPU

when I disable cpu mining, everything for the GPUs runs fine. But shouldn’t I be able to enable cpu mining and have it mine Monero, while the GPUs mine ETH? From the beginning of my journey, I was always under that impression that you could mine with both. For some reason, when I try to mine with both, the cpu mines great but the GPUs stall out to almost zero hashrate.

How many cores do you have it set to use for mining? You need to leave one for handling the GPU mining (at least), otherwise, yes, you’re going to kill performance on your system doing anything other than CPU mining.


exactly what i was about to ask, setting too many cores could impair the gpu miner and prevent it from mining ( GPU mining still takes computing power :slight_smile: )

I would try to use two different miners one for eth and gpu and one for cpu

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Maybe. I was running 1 gpu and cpu on NiceHash and it didn’t work. Then I tried gpu on nicehash and cpu on XMR and it still did same thing. I am wondering if its because of the VRAM on the card or the Radeon graphics built into the cpu. sorta pisses me off tho because I spent more money for that cpu because alone it makes like $10 a month and I wouldn’t mine slowly building up a stake in Monero. Time will tell.

In the meantime I bought 4 Opteron cpus and 2 dual socket MBs to set up to strictly mine Monero. Something tells me it isn’t going to be an easy thing to set up but I do love the game.

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