Unlimited-Hash.com is it a scam?

Hi vosk you never responded to my comment on youtube you did promote unlimited-hash.com yet now its failed to pay for 2 days on my ethereum mining I still have over a month left on the 2 month contract. If this now is not going to pay why would you promote something that just annoys people and you can’t make a profit? People dont like looking stupid Vosk. Its pathetic to just pay people there money back and waste there time for a month. So thats the scam I guess? You just decide who gets ripped off? Thats pretty pathetic if thats the case. Why would anyone wait a month for there crypto when buying it takes seconds on a exchange like binance etc. Why would people sign up to be annoyed for a month with no benefit. Can you explain who either put you up to annoy people with that? Or will they honor there commitment to pay for 2 months if not why lie and annoy people?

To be clear VoskCoin did not promote Unlimited Hash or recommend you use it.

They sponsored a video, their email address is


Our initial research couldn’t prove them to be a scam, so we showed their website on a video for ~30 seconds. After reading that people were having issues with payments/withdrawals we removed to video clip because that is a red flag, making it risky and we did not want to expose anyone else to it.

We responded on this forum over a month ago stating we don’t recommend their platform, do not put your money in, and if you can get your money out, to do so.

I’ve also adjusted your title and moved it to the correct category. Please read the categories of this forum and place future threads in the appropriate ones.

Not going to argue, we already provided a statement, closing the thread.