Last update:

Since my last withdrawal, I haven’t got any “profit”, my account just stays at $0.
So basically I’ve lost $10.

Everyone should stay away from that website.

I am still receiving everyday.

To be honet i know thousands of websites like this and you can easily find them on ad surfing websites and of course they are all just scams and delete there websites after a month or two and steal all the peoples money please do not invest in those programs and they never stop when they delete there website they just make a new one right away

I know.

But i put in 1,84 btc and took out already 2 btc so i make profit and every day there is more profit.
These guys running the webste since june.

It started to make profit again…
There was a 2 day 0$ gap and now on the 3rd day, I got profit again, included the skipped days.

Got this email from them :

Hello, Dear User!
We apologize for such a long response.

Actually, 13.10 the system was updated.

If you still do not see your daily profit for 13.10, please, let us know and attach a screenshot of your daily profit.

Thank you for choosing our services, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,

[Unlimited-Hash]support team

I’m giving it a go. Let’s see. $20 to see if it works out