Hey guys!
I saw this site in one of the videos and I just invested a small amount of money.
Is there anyone who tried this before? What are your thoughts?

Maybe I am too late to invest in a farm and I do not have enough money riht now to buy 6-10 GPU’s so, I decided to try this site.

Thanks a lot!!

I started a month ago and till so far making btc’s.

I did some withdraws without any problem.

If you would like to try : https://unlimited-hash.com/en

Thank you!
Yes, I already invested a small amount.
It’s my 3rd day and it’s coming so, I hope everything gonna be okay.

Anyway, Thank you for you answer!

Please, please, please don’t put another dollar into this website.

The website is a scam and a ponzi scheme. There are many of them. At the moment you invest $12k and get $103 a day. Return on investment is about 120 days so in a year you triple your money.
Its a scam. Same thing was with eco hashes which Chico crypto was sponsored by. He then took down his video when they exit scammed.

You may made ROI in 120 days and withdraw, or they may exit scam in 1 month and take most of your money.

How much did you both put in?

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Oh crap.
I only invested $100, but my plan is once it reaches this amount, I will withdraw it,
after that I only wanted to “play” with the profit.

OK. We’ll don’t reinvest and don’t refer
These ponzi need to be stopped quickly.

Mining is not truly profitable unless you have cheap electricity or solar and heaps of sunshine hours.
Any company offering an ROI of under a year is likely needing further investigation.

Any plans to mine yourself?

Yeah. I would start mining immediately if I would have a reasonable price for the electricity…
Here you have to pay around $ 0.12 to 0.15 / hour and the https://whattomine.com/miners says that I would not have profit unless I buy an asic miner with price over $1500-2000…

We do not recommend or endorse Unlimited Hash and their cloud mining service.

If you want to mine, you need to learn how to run the hardware yourself. If you’re looking for easy passive income, this is a much better option.

Thank you! I will wait until my investment coming back and I will forget them.
(I hope I will be able to withdraw it)

Yes, maybe I will try mining and will see how this turns out!
Thanks again!

Yes. I mined a little bit in 2017 and then stopped. Have expensive electricity.
However, when the coin appreciates then the computer will pay itself off and I will have a free computer.
I believe in ETH long term and will be good to start an address that has no links to fiat onramps.
Something that could be a few eth eventually and the world would not know who it belonged to

Was you able to withdraw you money in the end? Did you make any profit?

it’s my 4th day so I have not tried it yet. I heard from people that they had profit, that’s why I invested a bit. We will see and will definitely update the topic!

I’ve tested with 20$ income withdrawal and the ETH has arrive to my coinbase wallet.
So soon as I can withraw my 100$ of total invest I’ll be happy and I won’t invest to this website again.

Update : Some numbers to share (so far).
i put in 1.84 btc total starting at 19 august 2020.

Today i take out 1.28 btc (6,5 weeks) and some contract still running till end of november 2020.

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Update from me:
from the 100$ invest I already got back 48$ so far.
The contract ends after 1,5 months.

Hi, I invested a small amount in this site, and have taken out 40% of it so far, after 8 days. Seems to be working so far. I only went for the shortest time period, because the daily income does go down. So the returns are not as outrageous as they advertise - the $0.25 per $10 is only on day 1. I’ll be happy once I get my investment back and then see.

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Hey all, I took a leap after testing $100 and threw $1500 at all three options (BTC, LTC, ETH) I am happy and surprised to say after 1 full month, in the 4 month option, I have generated $1,100 in returns and have been able to withdraw payouts every day. After a week, I felt comfortable with withdrawing every 2-3 days and still have not had a single issue here.

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To clarify, I meant $1500 total $500 each of the three options.

So I had a $100 test investment, I already got back $90.
We’ll see what’s gonna happen with the profit.

Update from me - I invested 2 amounts with no issues so far. However, the third time the money was misallocated and isn’t earning a return, even though it’s showing on the site. The problem is - the team are not responding even though I’ve sent numerous emails over more than a week.