Unlimited-hash experience

Has onyone experience with unlimited-hash ?

It seems a good deal ?

  1. Overall : Seems pretty scammy. I bought $600 worth of Ethash (0.31Gh/s) but getting only a fraction of the revenue, 0.02 ETH. According to whattomine I should be getting $30/day, (0.07 ETH) but only getting $10/day on unlimited hash. (Thanks for shilling us crap, vosk)

VS my A10 miner this seems like a total scam.

  1. Tried the payout function - works but took awhile to get it out of the wallet.

  2. Should make my money back in BTC / ETH within a month. So… outlook is not too bad I guess. Just the calculator for hashrate and revenue are way off.

  3. There’s no monthly electricity fee involved. So I guess it’s included in the initial payment for the hashrate.

TL;DR? probably best to stay away.

I am late on this one but as you already know im sure that unlimited hash was a scam. I was new and lost thousands and just joined on here and saw your post and thought i would c0mment

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Any recourse out there is this one just gone?