Unminable - Help required

Hey there guys,
I have been looking around on chances to join the crypto market, and one such option is the:
unMineable - Mine your favorite non-mineable crypto coin or token! site which rewards users with different coins/tokens depending on what someone selects.
Since I joined late in the crypto craze that is now, I have only used my laptop + my PC’s Sapphire R7 370 4gb GPUs to mine and I would appreciate any help regarding the mining of Fun tokens that I have undertaken.
So I am here asking for options regarding their setup + some help on getting to 5k tokens.
Also would love to have Vosk make a vid regarding NIceHash, BetterHash, unMinable and their alternatives.
My Fun adress in case anyone is interested in Helping directly: 0x7e5aae34235936fd1ea71226c26bda7ee3de9d2a
My ref code in case some starts mining using their platform:

My rig is running at half capacity right now, 6 gpu’s in a 12 gpu rig. 2 nvidia 1660ti gaming x 6gb, 1 amd rx570 gaming x 8gb, and 3 amd rx570 4gb. I mine ETC and convert to ETH.

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What is that mining pool or OS that you are using?

I’m running etc on Ethermine pool, and my software is NBminer