UNOFFICIAL Community Meetup

A few people from the Vosk discord server will be getting together in Las Vegas July 22-23. Wanted to extend the invite to those in this forum who may be interested as well. Please feel free to message me directly for additional information.


Sounds great! wish I could come haha. Too many states away, plus too broke for a plane ticket. Have a blast! (If you suddenly go broke and sell miners ill know why. It is vegas after all…)


Sure gladly just need a plane ticket, room, and some walking around money let me know who wants to cover that :stuck_out_tongue:


Well who ever goes will get to meet the asshat dirty


Sounds like a fun trip.

Any ideas of what will be done in Vegas in this meet up?

Anything and everything on the table. Bring on the suggestions! But I for one will be gambling for at least a few hours while there. Giving my poker winnings back to the casino at the blackjack table is a badger specialty.


You and me both!! 21 always gets me. Sweet man, thanks for the invite. Ill be there! haha

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