Unraveling the LIES & Deception of FTX and Scam Bankrun-Fraud

Unraveling the lies and deception of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, better known now as Scam Bankrun-Fraud. FTX cryptocurrency exchange in collaboration with Alameda Research has turned into the biggest ponzi scheme the world has ever seen, WTF happened?? Sub - http://voskco.in/Sub

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Want an update on BlockFi news today and withdrawals? BlockFi paused withdrawals, insolvent ponzi scheme SCAM or will users be able to recover their crypto?? #blockfi #ftx #voskcoin #binance #ftxus #sbf #sambankmanfried #florimarquez #crypto #cryptocurrency #scam #ponzi #bitcoin #btc #investing

As FTX files for bankruptcy along with all of its subsidiaries, the contagion of SBF and the FTX funds continues to spread. Are Solana, BlockFi and other investments safe from this collapse? What is the potential for everything in crypto to come crashing down? Are other cryptocurrency exchanges soon going to follow in FTX’s steps? Let’s take a deep dive into what information has been leaked and revealed over the last few days, how the FTX debacle has impacted multiple crypto projects and businesses, and what my thoughts on everything are right now.

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Pissed, pessimistic and paranoid, FTX clients face a new reality: ‘It’s all gone.’

Binance will launch a new ‘industry recovery fund’ -

Crypto.com CEO claims FTX exposure was limited to $10 million
The Block: Crypto.com CEO claims FTX exposure was limited to $10 million

Is Crypto. Com facing a similar future to FTX?

Kraken takes action by freezing accounts related to FTX hack - Kraken Freezes Account Access to Funds Related to FTX Hack - TokenInsight
The Block: Kraken freezes FTX and Alameda accounts, 'maintains full reserves'

Did SBF steal users’ money to fund regulations? -

SBF was trying to fundraise in the UAE? -

FTX paid $20M to county before naming rights deal ended -

Read the latest BlockFi Update (14 Nov) here -

SBF’s self-fulfilling prophecy -

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00:00 The new crypto villain: Sam Bankman Fried
01:03 So much lost with FTX and BlockFi
02:24 Binance and industry recovering fund?
03:40 Crypto. com in trouble?
04:32 Kraken freezes hacked and FTX and Alameda Funds
05:35 SBF bribing and looking to fundraise money
06:16 The FTX arena is no more
06:50 Huge investments and acquisitions in the crypto industry
07:30 Is Solana $SOL a scam?
08:20 What is going on with BlockFi?
09:09 Beyond devastated…

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Unraveling the LIES & Deception of FTX and Scam Bankrun-Fraud