Update on SQRL ACORN 215?

Has there been any progress made with this product… or is it a total wast of time?

I think Vosk had a video about the Squirrel’s being a complete hack. Check it out.


Not sure when or if you’ll see this Mr. Vosk but thanks! You’re the reason I jumped into crypto haha. Videos are great! Keep em coming!!

I am just starting into crypto… but it’s hard to determine which method to employ is the most cost effective.

It’s overwhelming trying to understand where to start and what equipment to use on a limited budget.

Whats your budget? I just built a 6 card rig for 3100. I used all new components though. You can probably save quite a bit if you bargain shop on eBay or wait for some big sales. Watch a bunch of vosk’s videos. They are super informative. Check out Bits Be Trippin and Hash Raptor as well.

@rkirk77 yea, Vosk, BitsBeTrippin, and Hash Raptor are all good Crypto Tubers, that can help you. I also run a channel, and if you are looking for cost effective, consider RX 5700’s to build a rig out of. They are currently the best bang for the buck. However, if you are new and want to kinda set it and forget it, you can just grab some Budget Nvidia cards like the 1660 TI or Super… keep in mind Nvidia 3000 series is launching soon. So you may want to hang tight, if not those are your options for both AMD and Nvidia. At least thats what I recommend. Take care and welcome to Crypto Mining Life…

P.S. yes SQRL is a dead project, at least the Acorns, they have since shifted focus to the more expensive FPGA cards, bitstreams for those cards, and projects. I still have my CLE-215+ and it just sits…