Updated: Need help on over clocking rx570 gaming x (SOLVED)

So I bought a RX570 Gaming X and when I first fired it up it wouldn’t get anything over 8mhs then I realized I needed to change the setting over to compute mode. After I did that the hash rate jumped up to 19mhs, then went through and did a bios mod and now I’m getting 24.5mhs. but I see where people are getting 28-29mhs and I try their over clock settings and my hash rate drops back down when messing with the settings. If anyone can lend me a hand, it’ll be greatly appreciated

Got it figured out. So I have to run 2 different miners on my rig, T-rex with MSI afterburner (Nvidia) and Team Red Miner with AMD Radeon Software (AMD). Total hash rate comes out to roughly 30mhs per gpu @ 224 watts (78w per 1660ti, 86w on rx570) Huge thanks to @Badfish for the help and the base line settings, after some minor tweaking on the Radeon software I was able to bump the rx570 up from 24.5mhs to 29.2mhs with very manageable temps (warmest gpu @ 54c). The big drop in the second pic was from where I was trying to find a good driver and it turned out the first driver I was using was the only one that worked, so I had to revert back to the first driver I was using. AMD and NVIDIA working together

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