Updated New Design for Antminer APW121215 S19 PSU 3D Printed Fan Shroud

I have just finished testing a new design for the Antminer 121215 PSU.
These are printed using HIPS to allow for better heat resistance.
This design will also include new screws to allow for the design to be mounted properly.
These are designed and printed by 3DPS4U LLC in Texas, USA.
Price for the pair will be $30.99
if you need this design changed contact me and we can discuss options.


It looks pretty cool. Have you personally tested it?

i have, but my ducting run was from miner to ceiling.
it runs well, room is cooler than before.
if people are worried about the gap between the miner PSU and the shroud, it might be worth finding some cheap weather stripping. But its the first design that includes the PSU and the PSU part can be easily adapted for other PSU’s over time.

I ran tests today with this design and a S19J Pro 104T after 6 hours of running the air temp inside the ducting never gets above 115F, This was verified with 2 different temp monitor points at the shroud and above 8" inside the ducting.The miner and PSU were warm to the touch by no mean hot.
The miner showed temps of inlet 59-61C, and outlet 69-70C room temp 74F
Average Total Hashrate 105705.56GH/s
the room is a lot cooler with the new design versus the old with no PSU cooling.

Really cool prints you have going there mate! I’ve looked over your website a few times. I have a 3D printer and I am just awful at designing (my wife is better!) Hey mate I was wondering if it was possible to buy the design and print it myself? However I am looking to use it for an L7. On the Bitmain website, it says the dimensions for an S19 are Miner Size (LengthWidthHeight, w/o package),mm(2-1) 400195.5290
and the L7 is Miner Size (LengthWidthHeight, w/o package),mm 370195.5290

So would it be possible to just slightly adjust the size, I buy the design and print it myself? if not that’s cool. But having to wait a few hours for a print vs you posting a few weeks to Australia I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I gave someone the files a couple of times now. sadly they started selling my designs on ebay themselves. So i am reluctant to do it again. In fact last one was in your neck of the woods.
If you do print yaself i know my designs on a .5mm nozzle ya looking at 1 1/2 days of solid printing, I use a 1.2mm nozzle so reduce time to 6 hours.

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All good I understand thanks anyway legend. If you did design one for an L7 I’d happily buy. Im heaps good at downloading from thingsverse but couldnt design if my life depended on it :sweat_smile:

I have a design that will fit the L7, i just need a measurement to confirm which design.
If you can measure from top left fan screw to the bottom right fan screw. this will confirm which one you need.

Thanks legend. I have that as 25cm. I will order 2 as soon as possible, let me know. Thank you

would you say it was just before or just after 25cm?

The exact centre of screw to screw is 250mm
The furthest point of the top left screw to the furthest point of the bottom right screw is 257mm
The bottom of the top left screw to the top of the bottom right screw is 242mm

Hope that answers your question! Cheers

Any of my standard designs for the S19 will fit that miner.

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Thanks legend. Just ordered. Just an FYI I’m not sure if you are aware but it was trying to charge me $140 for shipping through ebay which I thought was insane but your website seemed fair with free shipping. l’ll leave a review when I give them a whirl :slight_smile:

I hate to do it, but my site was only meant to be USA only. I am sorry i can not honor shipping down under for free.
eBay I can not really comment on they really are insane at times.
But I do believe you ordered the wrong ones anyway. you ordered the design that includes the PSU. This deign has not been tested against you L7. I believe this design will fit, but i cant be 100%. its a different PSU L7 USES APW121417, S19J uses APW121215.

I hope you understand.
Above is what you need.

Oh damn son, I have found and printed duct shrouds 120mm for the L7, I am more so looking for the design that includes the PSU. Thanks for the quick refund. Also postage would be cheaper using International Shipping Rates with a Membership | MyUS with the weight listed as 3 lb it would only be $60 compared to $140, incase you did want to ship internationally cheaper. Thanks anyway

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