Use Your Rig to Help Fight COVID-19

The folks at have been working hard for many years to fight everything from Cancer to Alzheimer’s, and now they are focused on COVID-19. If you wish to help, you can download their software and use your CPU’s and GPU’s to help find cures. Their software is easily configured to pause while you are using your computer, giving you a seamless experience, if that is what you choose.

If you wish to focus your machine on Covid-19, you simply open the web controller and select “any disease” under “I support research fighting”. Each job running tells you specifically what project it is working on.

The Folding At Home Servers are currently having trouble pumping out enough jobs to keep everyone’s hardware busy, due to the influx of new members, but this is a good problem to have, and they are working hard to up their game.

While exploring the configuration guide I discovered that each gpu can be set to advanced mode:
I opened the advanced control software, clicked on the configure button, selected the slots tab, selected the first gpu and clicked on the edit button, I clicked the add button, then under the edit options I filled the name in as “client-type” and the value as “advanced”. I then did the same thing for all the other slots. This has kept all my gpu’s busy so far.

The configuration guide can be found here:

Points are awarded for each job completed, and teams can be formed to compete for protein folding dominance…

If you already have a gpu rig configured, please consider donating it’s time and energy to help fight this global pandemic.


You can also technically earn crypto while doing this, if that’s extra incentive. I know there’s one group, , that pays people in Doge who contribue as part of their group. Curecoin also works off of this, as essentially a proof of research coin ( . There’s a few other more obscure projects that also do this, but just figued I’d mention it :slight_smile:

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It is very cool that they are doing this. There is a work shortage on the network last time I tried to log in tho so may not be worth it until they catch up with the resource supply.

Found FAH and joined the Curecoin pool about a week ago. Don’t get discouraged when you start up your folding. On average it takes up to 48 to process payouts but its well worth it. The discord channel is very helpful.