Used ASIC Miners on - Are These Prices Legit?

I’m browsing right now and they have some sick deals on used ASIC miners that seem too good to be true. For example, $100 for a new Innosilicon A10 ETHMaster (485Mh)? Link:

I have never bought anything from here but if people have good things to say about it I would definitely be down for dropping a few hundred bucks on a few of these ASICs. But I somehow feel this is probably a scam. I mean it is one of the most profitable miners out there… So just wondering what people think. Thanks.

Never mind I think it’s a scam because the guy won’t even communicate in Alibaba where the discourse may be monitored in case of future disputes. I dub this a scam.

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sounds like he wanted you to give him more details so he could confirm the price also its a bit confusing since it appears he is using a translator to communicate with you and not everything is getting translated correctly

Just bought a second hand S9 Hydro from there dirt cheap (not including shipping & import taxes), only buy from those with like lots of medals achievement stuff tho, like you can see their company years of operating in Alibaba and had like huge transaction (mostly USD250,000+). Basically those top rows seller when you browse

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