Used buying tips?

I’ve found some miners through various forums, reddit etc which I am considering buying used directly from the seller. Not a company, just another user on the site.

Has anyone done this and do you have any tips on making thr transaction go well?

Ive thought of
-facetiming them to see the miner hashing

  • paying half up front and half upon shipment

Any thoughts?

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Yea seeing a face helps, also perhaps exchanging / verifying one another’s information can help. There’s no full proof way imho so if I can’t transact using a credit card than I just don’t buy unless I know the person, done business with the person and they check out as the person they are claiming to be. A lot of folks may not stock miners but can help you obtain what it is you’re looking for through their networks. If you do things right you may end up wasting a little time but you won’t of wasted your money. Just my 2 cents.