Used Computers For Sale Locally - Good Deals or Not?

Someone local is selling 3 different used computers… I think 2 of them might be worth picking up (possibly make a mining rig) and I was curious if anyone had any opinions on if the price was worth it (assuming everything works).

Dell T3600 Workstation Chassis and Motherboard with the following: Processor: Xeon 1620 3.6/3.8GHz 4C/8T (similar to an I7 but with quad channel ECC memory support) GPU: XFX RX 570 4GB Memory: 16GB Storage: 120GB SSD Boot & 500GB HDD OS: Windows 10 Pro Listing is $290.

Dell Optiplex 990 Processor: Core I5 2400, 3.1GHz Graphics: GTX 1050ti Memory: 8GB Storage: 500GB HDD OS: Windows 10 Pro Computer will come with power cable and 10’ ethernet cable. Listing is $220.

I feel like the first one might be a decent deal, less so with the second one. Appreciate any feedback :smiley:

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