Using 2 S9's to create S15

With a few modifications you can use 2 S9’s side by side to run off 1 control board, as well as 1 PSU to create an S15. Ordered parts and will be posting pictures and links once completed. Also called an S9D (dual)

You can find pre-modified control boards that are plug and play, or DIY
just felt like this is an awesome project to post.



Are you increasing hash rate or just consolidating psu/control boards? Guess this is a good idea if you have some S9’s that died.

You would have one board, one PSU running both miners. Then upgrade the firmware made just for an S9D which has settings to run 25TH @ 1600W & UP TO 30TH/S @ 2350W with an upgrade PSU or using low power mode to achieve 22TH @ 1400W. But yes would be good idea for that.

If you noticed ridges on the sides of S9’s which all have they slide into each other almost locking them in place. Will post some pictures

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