Using MSI – MECH OC AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

Has anyone used this variant of 5700 XT previously? Any concerns that I should be cautioned with? So far, from what I’ve read there is a heat concern.

I have 6 of them, and heat has been a minor concern. Good fans on both ends should alleviate the issue with that, however within the first two months I’ve had to RMA two of them. But that aside, I was able to bios mod them and without doing any overclocks, I’m running a stable 54-55MH/s at like 120w.

Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it!

Heat has been the major concern across the board with those cards. MSI had a bad quality control and skipped on the thermal padding for the memory chips on those particular cards. If you notice memory temperatures in the mid to high 80’s you may want to check if they skipped on them again.

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