Using Universal Basic Income(UBI) in cryptocurrency for passive income

So recently I stumbled upon a few (rather new) websites, who might be a very good concept but time should prove that, or who might be just another ponzi scheme.
If it is a ponzi scheme please let me know because I’m pretty confident about these things and don’t see any way I could lose money on them.

I’ll be going over 3 different UBI concepts: the Pi network, Circles UBI (alternative link:Circles link) and Gooddollar

PS: Links above and in explanation title

Pi network
Pi network calls itself a mobile mining service (which it isnt) and is actually just an ap which you download from the app store, when you’ve done that you can just make your account with a google account or ios account depending on what type of device you are on.

Once you’ve made that account that’s about it, you can start earning. you’ll earn about 0.20 Pi per hour and to keep earning that ou have to log on once every 24hr that’s it. It’s based on a referral system to earn a bit more than others if you refer people. If you’d like to help me out you can always refer me through my referral link.

There’s also 3 roles you can get:
-Pioneer: the basic role everyone gets it upon account creation
-Contributor: you can get that by joining 3 earning sessions, I haven’t been able to do so, so no explanation here

-Ambassador: This is where it gets interesting, you can earn more Pi per hour by referring other people, those people then join your “team” and in that team the rewards are shared but in such a way that you keep at leasy your 20/hr but every active teammember of your team gets you a little bonus (everyone in the team), to join my team you just have to press this link

-node: I said only 3 options, technically this is the fourth but setting up a node hasn’t been activated yet, the feature iss to come

Circles UBI
This isnt like Pi network where you have to “be active” to get your coins.
This one is really simple: create an account on ==> get trusted ==> earn circles monthly (240 per month)
to create an account is pretty easy, follow the steps. However getting trusted is the harder part.

First you have to join the community telegram then you find 3 people there in general chat who want to trust u by sharing your account link. But there is a loophole here, you can also send 0.1 xDai to your accounts adress to get trusted.
For this you will have to go to and input your adress in the faucet and press receive. It’ll take a minute but it will work. After that you can create your account because it will say you have 3 trusted people.

Creating an account however is slow because it recently launched and servers are having trouble getting stuff done.

Maybe this one is a not so passive one. You create an account on Gooddollar, when thats done you can start receiving your G$.
But to receive the G$ you have to press a “claim” button. It will be a big blue button on your screen, hard to miss. So you can click that and get 1G$ every time you click it, that’s the active part, you have to click the blue button once every few hours to receive your G$'s.

All three of these coins are built on blockchain network and are supposed to be basic income concepts, I hope this may help some people and if there’s more questions don’t be afraid to spam my inbox full :slight_smile:

I signed up on the Pi Network using your referral code. I like the cell phone aspect as I’m currently traveling a lot.

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We need a few more people to join the pi Network group so we can run a “security circle”. Give it a try!

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Indeed, get some more of those pies :wink:

Still looking for some teammates on the Pi Network. We have a 2-person security circle right now. More would help. I would lable this as more of a free speculative smartphone mining operation right now. It takes very little effort. You only have to load the app once a day and click a button. Just use Thomas referral info above.

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Pi node has been running for some time now