I’m very new still setting up on different projects and need some help. I’m getting added to the wait-list for vabble and it’s asking for my eth or polygon address. I go to coinbase and it asks for what coin. I could be overthinking this but how do I find the correct address in coinbase to complete my sign up? I know when I’m mining xyo token I just look up xyo on coinbase then click receive and I have my address. With the setup on vabble it does not specify a coin just an eth or polygon address. I know polygon network fees are less than etherum network fees but I could use help finding the correct address for this project in coinbase? I also know in the description for the vabble project it says it’s built on the vab token so I have made myself more confused. I just don’t want to use a wrong address and lose all the work I’m going to do.

Can I use my coinbase account or do I need a different wallet?

If I can use coinbase how do I locate the correct address needed for my registration?

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Hey there.

This is James, co founder of Vabble.

To join the waitlist just use your ethereum address from metamask or an alternative wallet you might use. Do not use a centralized exchange wallet. We are openly speaking with coinbase but our token is not yet available on there and therefore, if youbuse a coinbase wallet, you may not receive any future rewards.

To summarise; use a decentralized ethereum wallet address such as a metamask wallet.



Thanks for responding I will add my metamask