Value of my rig/how much could it generate?

Hey everybody, I’m new so hopefully this is in the right spot.

I bought a rig back in 2017 and mined eth for a few months. Then I ran into technical issues I wasn’t experienced enough to fix. I sold 5 of 6 GPU’s during the dip and it’s just been sitting. I’m curious what this is worth today and what I could realistically pull from it if I got it up and running again. Not sure if I should just sell it and buy crypto or learn some more and get it going. The issues were related to me not understanding Linux, not hardware issues. I’ll include all the specs from the manufacturer.

Complete KIT for 6 x GTX 1070 (Graphics cards not included! CPU, 6 GPU Motherboard, 4 GB memory, 60 GB SSD, Aluminum Frame, 6x Risers, 1200W Power Supply

Thanks a lot.

You might be able to get a couple hundred bucks if you found the right person.