Virgin Bitcoin /Nicehash

Would BTC mined through Nicehash be considered “Virgin Bitcoin”?

Great question. Only if you’re mining btc directly.

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Yep, if it was mined from, say KAS to BTC it would have been exchanged, or have gone through an exchange at some point, since they don’t pay out in mined BTC, pretty sure they buy it.

What’s the with the demand for virgin Bitcoin anyway? I like to cap my mining addresses to 0.02btc and if I wanted to get some btc in a more private manner I would buy a NiceHash package and do anonymous pool mining, even though it’s not virgin surely should be good privacy still or am I missing something?

It’s so that you know you don’t have btc that was used in illicit activities.


I’ve read somewhere that Virgin BTC could have around a 20% premium.


Someday i think it’ll have much more of a premium

I’m a bit of a newbie, and currently running a couple S19’s and a KS3M, if I mine from Nicehash and it’s not Virgin Bitcoin, and I swap over to a pool where I am mining Virgin Bitcoin, and both the Virgin and Non Virgin BTC is sent to the same wallet, is it indistinguishable , or do I have a bag of mixed coin?

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It would technically be a mixed bag, but its not actually sperate, and you cant send the “virgin” separate from the exchange stuff.

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