VoskCoin Exchange One Day?

What features would make you use this if it ever exists, personally for me the name is enough to make me use it :wink:

Yet you tell people to not use exchanges at all. We just brown nosing here? Lol

Don’t put words in my mouth plz I didn’t say that, without using exchanges you won’t be able to trade so idk what you’re on about, if you’re nit picking, people complained they potentially had tons of money held hostage on CEXs, so what does every crypto user/degen including vosk always say?, don’t hold on CEXs that’s it, your argument can now lay to bed :sleeping:

Kiss a** much? Lmao. You sound like you’re still young so I’ll spare you the embarrassment🤡

You’re muted btw. So don’t bother a response lol

I bet he thinks he won, poor unstable thing I hope he gets cured pray for him

Also to add more, people who act like the neglected son need to stop it’s not a good look even online just stop