VoskCoin Garage Sale | New and Used Crypto Hardware and Mining Rigs!

Lol, you are just asking to get spammed with requests :wink:

Im interested in a future bit as well…anyone have one? ihservices at aol dot com

@VoskCoin is you garage sale still going on? is there a list of available stuff?

I’m interested also!! I have all means you might need to get paid !

TONS of gear listed on our ebay store


Can you please call me when you have a minute. Thanks 509.431.7910

I will snag that FutureBit miner if it’s still around.

Everything left is on e-bay now… see the link up about 4 posts above this.

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I can not even find any VOSK stuff ANYWHERE on ebay I am totally unsure of what any one is seeing. Im new. looking to buy as everyone else is it seems, and many people get ripped off so Im NOT about to buy anything from anyone yet.

I am workin my ass off to get out of being behind on rent + paying 2020 dept + saving for any such HOME miners between 300-700 bucks, I can not find anything to buy right now and am more than concerned on getting ripped off which is why until NOW I have never begun getting into mining as it always seemed like a EASY target to get scammed as many machines are either from overseas or random parts you must learn to put together or its all a waste of time – and with anything money related NEVER TRUST ANYONE – so then theres the taking the chance someone else rips you off – and those who are not looking to rip you off are looking to make a quick buck so then its almost hopeless to get into which is why I TAUGHT MYSELF how to invest and trade and have done quite well for myself since learning how to trade back in 2017-2019.
Now Im getting into mining cryptocurrency that I trade with instead of buying it – but this present many many many many many other difficulties even getting ahold of ANY HNT miner without waiting 7-9 months seems to be a mysticalogical figure people want to sell to you for for THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of dollars and its only valued at ATH 22/coin which in comparision to BTC or ETH means hardly anything – how are people going to act and try and sell these things for when HNT hits 240/coin in 4-5 years from now, 25,000 for a sosphicated Rasberry pi plug in hotspot,

the thing I hate most about the internet and cryptocurrency are the people

which is why people like VOSK is a lifesaver in the middle of the ocean yet no matter how much I learn from him and many others it means NOTHING watching other people earn coins when Im struggling just to pay last months rent though I own dozens of ETH caught holding Major Alt coins instead since the market tanked mid MAY until things start to pick up Im broke.

Hey Vosk cant find your used miners on Ebay? Do you have anything your selling at the moment?

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his name on ebay is voskbay

Any chance you would already have a low power rig I can install in my van?

is it possible to contact me, i have business perposal.thx