VoskCoin giveaways for April and May 2021

Timestamp 0:43 Well you look back and you’re like wow I should have take the internet money thing a little bit more serious



12:09 I’m excited to see you analysis on both crypto and the stock market

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My favorite part was from 4:08 to 5:45 when you were talking about the cannabis drink company.

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2:48 ofc my favorite time is anytime Tails shows up :slight_smile:

all code for primexbt don’t work already used ???

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The best doge: 2:50

I’m new here, I want to know how do I comment my timestamp and wallet address?

7:17 look in the mirror, bro you are mostly water :slight_smile: :rofl:
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Replying to myself to keep my entries together. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to post on YouTube or in this thread, so I’m doing both. I just watched the Apeswap video and followed the instructions.


I never would have tried Bananaswap if not for this giveaway. I like what I see, though. Also, I do have a Binance.US account, but I’m not posting it here because I signed up in February, long before I even heard of the Vosk channel. Don’t hold it against me! :smiley: [I can give it to you if its needed]

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Favorite part 2:48 tales :heart_eyes:
Dogs are the best

13:58 - “You’re not subscribed to the best YouTube channel ever!, Voskcoin”

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1:30 onwards. Actually all the the video is interesting but i like the motioned time frame most.

Loved the 7:14 explanation about water and the Naruto mention in 10:16. Btw, the whole video is awesome!

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nice to hear 12:07 - more info about stock. thumb up for this!
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Best time stamp 11.30 about the Potential.


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Were we supposed to post here or on youtube? I thought it was done on youtube @VoskCoin

4:20 Love seeing real-world applications for blockchain technologies!

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It is YouTube. To be fair, the original wording was pretty unclear, but there was a reply somewhere in the middle from Vosk saying to comment on the videos.

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Best times stamp : 13:15 CRAZY issssssssssssssssssssssssss :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: