VoskCoin giveaways for April and May 2021

Want some free crypto coins?!

Let’s celebrate VoskCoin breaching 300,000 subscribers!

Hit the THUMBS UP and COMMENT on VoskCoin YouTube!

All giveaway winners will be posted here at the end of May!

$1,000 Bitcoin and $1,000 Helium HNT giveaway

Simply reply with your Bitcoin address OR Helium HNT address and timestamp your favorite moment or section in the video!

Watch this video, comment your BTC or HNT address along with the timestamp of your favorite part of the video ex. 13:37

~$2,000 giveaway, 500(100 x5) BANANA tokens to 5 different entries

Watch our apeswap.finance review and learn how to enter!

You need to make a trade, stake some coins, enter a farm, provide liquidity – basically any action on Apeswap on the Binance Smart Chain. BONUS POINTS if you also drop your BinanceUS UID User ID!

This is different than the above BTC and HNT giveaway
STBZ giveaway info and details - Winner will be chosen the first week of May

PrimeXBT 0.003 BTC giveaway
Each code below is worth 0.003 Bitcoin! Simply redeem it when you register for their site.
no US citizens

& more to come!


BTC address: 3LYQiskQB8sY2z2zLUEFgSAZ6thVRjF7sn

12:33 - “we in there!” That is exactly what I was thinking.

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BTC address: 3JuAtxmyhsRxTGuNBbtWgqCuNvhmvYJ2o9

7:21 Stabass :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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BTC address: 123qzyADr7T3FFQvk9nydQ7GZVYaG6RMkp
10:31 “…No dbz my friend. I’m sorry Goku.”

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15:44 gotta get blown up by gas fees… lol :laughing: bitcoin

HNT address: 13NoLKvEiCkuuihyE15LDTiiFQZf6nBcgBqx4uxuG5mmiA1kFtW

19:45 - “This isn’t financial advice… but” :wink:

Do you actually announce the winners not sure if I have seen it before
Btc bc1q62m88ajuh477we849t7rwnkmg02xzpxdm4hj08

BTC Address 3BUyiemVmE3tG5kNMmMQQwhQaDkRx4c7k5

1:40 - 10 seconds of Tails :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

BTC address

20:12 - I don’t know but I do know that you should subscribe to VoskCoin youtube channel, hit the thumbs up, leave a comment and join that giveaway


1:36 just love this dodge



Gas price is too HIGH :triumph::weary::joy: (18:10)

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HNT Address:

4:15 always good to learn a new protocol.

BTC: 3GmVWj3JW5FcyMEswaqzt6MJ7bVVhWTr7c

15:55 “Ethereum 2.0. Coming soon. In years. Ok”

BTC Address: 3Dmeg1CNyGbfJQEe647xqYp323pLrZhsCw

18:18 “Need more then $100.00 to play” Keyword Honest some advance stuff in entire video.

HNT Address:


If you wanna participate with this staff on etherum blockchain cause you got to have at least a minimum of $1000.

entries only count on YouTube, but you’re encouraged to screenshot your comment and post it here. Also the STBZ giveaway is DIFFERENT than the BTC and HNT giveaway lol – I’m posting that giveaway… today!

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“Even when you’re not even lying or doing anything wrong” 2:28, so true.

BTC Address: 34Ngfbc81bcw2pQYZBpcnP94TCLPdk8PL5

2:13 or so. I like your T Shirt and that is when it was first fully visible. It’s the little things that make or break videos

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Gotta love Tails - Gotta love 10 Second of Tails

BTC Address: 3B1JiP2XiMJi4U2vin58EVjFaVQ8ckHtvM

0:54 - “Cannabis Industry”

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