Mining $12+ a day with the M2 Pro Miner!

I am earning $12+ a day in passive income mining the MXC crypto token with the M2 Pro Miner by MatchX but is this miner actually worth buying and is MXC worth mining?!
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MXC is an IoT or internet of things crypto token. MatchX has created the M2 Pro miner to mine their own token, MXC. The M2 Pro Miner is controlled by the DataDash app, and you can even increase your mining earnings by bonding DHX for years – a bullish endeavor for some MXC miners. Let’s review the M2 Pro Miner a silent, nearly zero electric cost, and high profitability mining rig!

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MatchX M2 Pro Miner Review

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i read that they are paying between $10 and $14 per day. If the price of MXC goes down then you get more MXC coin mining to hit above…if MXC price goes up .then you get less MXC to make the above nut…so at $10 a day that is a 10 month ROI…and at 6 watts or less than $1 electric a day. I’ll take that bet. I got 2 of them…also they stated they have cross-chain compatibility with IOT devices (existing) whereas I THINK that Helium HNT Hotspot miners are proprietary as the blanket their network out in the world. I ‘suspect’ that when/if the IOT of things comes out as actual devices to work on these two IOT devices…they will be able to do either when tag’s for such on the devive…existing (matchx) and helitum hotspot (on their build a network they will come plan) …so…the matchx plan of not tossing out hotspots for their network ‘seems’ from my imprefect knowledge…seems to make more sense. Also this match between $10 and $14 makes it a ‘kinda’ ‘sorta’ more hopeful bet on a 10 month ROI even though actual coin may vary greatly up and down and may only be paper ROI. later brad

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Have your miners come in yet /if not what’s their ETA?

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No. I ordered on the April 18th…and people from April 9th are getting theirs…this last week so pretty soon I think…got a 2nd dubiously needed one on 5/4/21…bored… :slight_smile: Also trying to figure out this whole MXC staking and or DHX bonding…probably should just mine if for 10 months to ROI…but may double down on staking/bonding above…chump or champ…doom or gloom…pump or dump…I’ll be the first to know!

any updates on delivery? I order 2 on May 9th and no confirmation just yet :grimacing:

Will you do any updates on recent changes to those miners? (health, proximity, etc)?

Yes that would be good

I agree!

Cancel your orders they just did some changes to were your miners ability to mine gets beefed if you cash out.

They ‘may’ have gotten their sh*t together and the MXC coin is up 2x from when I got in on May 2021.

The biggest problem they have is they ‘fall’ over their own feet! But their is ‘big’ money behind them and

they have consistently paid the $10-$14 in rent, as it were, (in reality since May 29th and 2 miners) they

have paid an average of $10.75 to me…average per day per miner…but this is only a snapshot daily)

…so…they have to keep PoP

(paid to participate) going even if in Europe and Asia the IoT bandwidth stuff starts to bring in revenue…or

they simply won’t get coverage in places like Kansas or people would not keep up the machines.

So I’m looking at them kinda like a ‘soft’ Bitmain Evil and kinda stuck…in that I got my 2 miners before

miner health change where you keep 100% in fuel and was full fan-boy and went in on 2 years bind of

mxc to dhx before they pulled the miner health scheme…but than again, they do have big money

behind the project like PokaDot (token eventually) Huboi Exchange ) so it goes…I’m stuck…but if

you believe in a ‘rising’ market where btc/crypto goes up they likely will do average/fine and follow

the pump. But again, their PR skills and centralization of their MXC is a concern…they DO buy back

coin for the PoP, etc regularly…but again, if BTC/Crypto market goes full bear down to $30k they will

IMHO be in real trouble, then again if that happens I won’t sweat my in comparison puny investment in

matchx m2 pro machines and the above and will have bigger problems…Ack! I will be despondent Ack!

So it goes, flip a coin on choices, chump or champ, doom or boom, pump or dump…it always seems to

come out to 50/50 odds by the time you need to get in vs the info you have…I pretty much in 20/20 hindsight on all projects since 2013…coulda/shoulda just flipped a coin with the same results :slight_smile: