Mining Profitability in 2021

Mining is more profitable than it has ever been before. Bitcoin mining will make you rich, and Ethereum mining will make you filthy rich, and there’s a new form of mining called Helium mining that is quiet and uses nearly no electricity?! Sub to VoskCoin!

It’s not all butterflies, rainbows, and donuts my friends even though mining profitability in 2021 is higher than ever before for Bitcoin mining, ASIC mining, GPU mining, CPU mining, and even HDD mining there’s a lot of variables at play here. Let’s review my mining profits, some of the most profitable crypto mining rigs right now, and what the future of mining profitability looks like!

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Mining profitability in 2021


Very exciting! Thank you and congrats! @VoskCoin, please count me in!

What do you recommend for mining for somebody that knows Macs quite well, but not linux or PC, and wants to get into mining for the first time, by spending approx $4k and guaranteed profit for the year, with minimal technical knowledge, also hopefully future proof, as you say ETH mining make you rich but the miners killed a long trade I was making in ETH a couple of months back, my timing with ETH is terrible and I understand only a year or so left to mine?..