Voskcoin Goldshell Mini Doge review

Vosk was kind enough to send me a Goldshell Mini Doge miner to review. I got the unit a few days ago and it was pretty much plug and play.

It is very compact, makes very little noise, and is quite efficient. Love the laser etched graphics on the sides!

After plugging it in, all I had to do was to looking up the ip address on my router and then point a browser to that address.

Once there, I unlocked it from the upper right hand corner of the dashboard, left the Powerplan at the default “Hashrate Mode” and entered my pool connection info:

Since deploying it a few days ago, it has been chugging along at right around 187 Mh/s:

The hashrate I see on the miner matches closely to what I see on the pool:

Daily earning are right in-line what what others have been reporting:

I track power usage for all my rigs, and here’s what I found for this guy:

So average consumption over a 24 hour period is 222 watts. I should note that I’m running mine from a 240V outlet. Efficiency will likely be slightly less if using a 120V outlet.

Zooming in and looking at just 1 hour, I do see some fluctuation, but it is a lot less than what I have seen on other rigs, be it ASIC or GPU based:

I use Awesome Miner to monitor and control all my rigs and I have it set to monitor my Goldshell box as well:

It is powered from a single 6-pin PCIe power connector, so any halfway decent PSU will power it, or you can use the optional PSU that Goldshell offers.

Overall this is a nice little unit that consumes a little over 200 watts, is quiet, is very easy to setup, and has a hash rate that falls right within the specs.

I’m currently doing some research to see if I can figure out how to ssh into the box to set privileged API mode so that Awesome Miner can control the miner instead of just monitor it.

So other than that edge case (full control from AM), I think this is a great little miner if you want to get into the mining game.

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could you please go a little in detail how you do the power tracking? what hard- and software do you use?

Thank You so very much.

The hardware I used to monitor power usage is made by Brultech, a Canadian company.

Specifically, I have a number (3) of GEM (Green Eye Monitors) deployed. Each one has 32 channels that can each monitor a 120V or 240V circuit using 1 or 2 CTs (current transformers).

Each GEM has an Ethernet interface so that they can transmit data via IP to another Brultech device called a Dashbox. This guy collects all the data and has a build it web browser from which I configure things and presents the data collected from the GEMs.

Here are my Energy Monitors (I have one offline at the moment):

And here are all the channels that I’m monitoring:

I have a number of different CTs. The most common are 40A units used to monitor regular circuits (either 120V or 240V) but I also have some larger 200A ones to monitor my main feed as well as my solar production.

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Thank you Dane!
I am fascinated how detailed you can monitor the power on all the separate lines.
So it should be easy to check the power consumption of miners in relation to their income.
This seems also very helpful to understand where in the household a power saving is possible.
I deffinately need to check if I get something similar over here.

Would you say that your Brultech devices are like plug and play simple, or do one need some special skills or knowledge (beside of electrics of course) to get it running?

Kool, stay right up to date, as there is alway degradation of the equipment.

It was a lot of work getting everything wired up initially, that’s for sure. Here are my 2 main panels:

All the individual components:

For monitoring individual mining rigs, I cut open the power cord to each rig and add a CT to it. I have only done that to one power cord so far and move it from miner to miner to get 24 hour average power usage. I have it on my todo list to do that for each rig since I still have plenty of spare channels on the GEM mounted at the 200A panel in the shop building where all my rigs live during the summer months. They get moved to the house during winter to provide all the heat I need.

In other news, I have been working with Patrik (guy that wrote Awesome Miner) about getting around restricted API access mode to control the miner from there.

For now, it can fully monitor the miner, including real-time earnings tracking:

:open_mouth:Woow! you hacked into the miner? If I would have known earlier I would have begged you to help me get around with my minidoge problems instead of dealing with the official support

Nah. AM is simply pulling the info from the read only API of the mining software running on the miner.

Being able to ssh into the box would be nice to allow poking around some more. There might be a way, but Goldshell has not published any documentation on what credentials to use that I have been able to find.

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Right on man, keep mining.