VoskCoin HDD Mining Farm Snapshot November 2023 : +20 Hard Drives!

November VoskCoin HDD Mining Farm Snapshot!

We added another 20 hard drives to the HDD mining farm, increasing our farming capacity on Chia XCH by another 360 TB of physical space, all 20 drives use C5 compression for a 25% boost of effective mining capacity.

Our Evergreen Miners migrated to Space Farmers among everyone else’s EVG miners, so far the miners have performed well on Space Farmers but the UI is lacking and the multiple miners each end up with their own dashboard which is not preferred at all…

Chia Foundation secured a CHIA XCH market maker, which coupled with the uptick in the cryptocurrency market has pushed the price up nearly $8 per coin since the last snapshot, in the day to day numbers this is a significant boost in HDD mining profitability.

VoskCoin continues to hold all mined coins long-term, HDD mining is capital intensive to deploy but the budget to operate is very cheap, we have a runway in the number of years, not months, so we are effectively doubling down on the Chia XCH farming endeavor by hodling all of our mined coins.

Our HDD miners hit 5 blocks which generated an additional 1.25 XCH of mining rewards, this is about on-par for our expected solved blocks, last month we were unlucky in comparison.

Our Jusey Miners continue to perform well, and we are getting closer to our DIY XCH miner deployment using a server rack and JBOD.

VoskCoin smashed its 2023 goal of 1 PB of Chia XCH farmers, and the new 2023 goal has been to achieve a stable 2+ PB of HDD miners in operation.


One suggestion for this, sorry I know its a pain would be to add the average USD profitability for this. Love these snapshots!

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