Voskcoin I need your help

I need your help or advise really trying to get into mining don’t know where to start and have so many questions. Please need some help. ANYONE maybe that will really help.

go to bobcat miners and buy a Helium miner, If you still have additional funds buy 1-2 Goldshell KD box miners. These will all run in any apartment or home and are very quiet with low electricity and low noise/heat.


Thank you I do have a Bobcat 300 on the way. Will get one day. Any recommendations on where to get the Goldshell from

yes I have 2 KD goldshell miners on my storefront (along with other Goldshell home miners). Asicwarehouse.com Please wait until Monday/Tuesday as the site is launching. Since you are a vosk coin member I will provide a discount code. These are going to sell out fast (like in a few hours) once the site goes live. If you want to be notified once the site is live email me at info@asicwarehouse.com

You can get them from https://www.goldshell.com/
They go in/out of stock frequently. The best way to find out when they are in stock is to watch Goldshell’s and Voskcoin’s Twitter feeds.