VoskCoin Launch

What features would you like to see with VC if it ever becomes a real coin :coin: and hits the market


Probably nothing. Lol

No tokenomics. Just a Coin with a fixed white paper.
No DAO, white paper protocol alone.

What I just typed is very limiting. A DAO , in most cases, is needed to list on major exchanges. But a DAO usually receives payment for their efforts, something a true mined Coin can not provide. Any DAO payment/profits usually result from Usury. At which point they might as well be a token. Exchanges would prefer the wWrapped version as they get commission from the ERC network (or what ever network).
A Coin actually given value only by the miner’s effort, is becoming rare in modern crypto.

Or just go the shill/sellout idea. Print up a quadrillion tokens, slap Vosk name on it and open pre-sale. Hate to say it, but that’d work too. 95% of cryptoheads don’t mine nor understand cost/effort of mining, they want to but now and sell for 8000% increase. Then to link value to USD, start selling items on a Vosk store (like shirts and stickers) for the tokens, hence giving the tokens some sort of value equitable to USD. ( I know the shirt cost $20 , so X amount of tokens would theoretically equal the same $20)

I say all that, pro-Coin and a little joke about tokens, but really. Design of coin/token is based on the core concept. I can only assume Vosk would gravitate towards tokens because of the wide range of usage. Depending on network, there’s shared value and infrastructure, right off the bat. Vosk could market himself or his current business. Even something like tokenized shares of his Youtube channel that adds the gains/profit to buy orders for the token, so in theory investing now results in gains based on Vosk’s effort. The issue with that stuff is US law, so a DAO is needed to skirt current laws, because a centralized idea that takes money in to improve the concept is liable under US law, if the recipient is a US citizen. Hence DAO. DAO’s main income comes from controlling the LQ pools on the Dex’s. All that is needed for that is usage and flow, or classic tokenomics. It’s the problem with DAO’s and tokens for the most part, they run and profit on Usury to create their own demand.


Thanks for writing this detailed essay for a non existent project, nice passion you got there :brain::bomb: