VoskCoin Meter Box and 2023 Holiday Giveaway!

Order a VoskCoin Meter Box here!

Use code VOSKCOIN for 10% off.

VoskCoin teamed up with The Meter Box to release our own custom limited edition version, we’ve been working on this over 2023, and are excited to launch it alongside not only a holiday giveaway but also a holiday… competition with Red Panda Mining!

There’s a fun giveaway here too, a lot of free miners!

Here’s an example where it’s really easy to upgrade a 2 gang 240v outlet into a meterbox outlet for mining

Thanks to Evergreen Miner and Coin Mining Central for supporting this giveaway endeavor, please use these links to support our channel.


bump! last call for this

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Vosk, keep doing what you’re doing! Glad to see the progress. Just think, you’ve made it to the start of the bull, havening and the blast off. I know you’ll be glad you stayed the course. Time to review your short, medium and long term plans and revise if needed. Merry Christmas!

How do I enter… :3